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Recommendations, por favor?

Hello all. A newbie here and not just to the community. I've always admired foreign culture and ci, foreign films as well. Ages ago (in addition to watching "La Vita E Bella [Life Is Beautiful]" years and years ago in school plus "Malena" too) I caught the movie "Fanfan" (starring Vincent Perez and Penelope Cruz...that's the title, I think) and a few months ago, "Mar Adentro [The Sea Within]" on TV.

I liked them (as well as a couple of random foreign films I was able to catch on TV such as "La Finestra di Fronte [Facing Windows]" with Raoul Bova) and I've really gotten into foreign movies since then. I recently saw the infamous "Y Tu Mama Tambien [And Your Mother Too]" (though I've been aware of it and what it was way before) and I just LOVED it. I chose to see "La Mala Educacion [The Bad Education]" then "Amores Perros [Love's A Bitch]" (Gael fan, obviously ;) and I adored the 2 as well.

Very recently (and I mean yesterday!), I was able to get "Diaros de Motocicleta [The Motorcycle Diaries]" and "Cidade de Deus [City of God]" though I haven't had the chance to watch either yet. Well with that said...

Can you please recommend to me more similar/worthwile contemporary foreign films, particularly Spanish language films?

Thank you so much/muchas gracias! I can't wait to watch more worthwile films. Bless and nice to meet you all! ;)

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