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Tune in to Link TV’s new world cinema series: CINEMONDO

Love foreign and indie films but hate standing in line and spending $50 on a movie night? Put on your pajamas and tune in to Link TV’s new world cinema series: CINEMONDO. Hosted by Peter Scarlet, executive director of Robert DeNiro’s famed Tribeca Film Festival, the series will feature the U.S. premiere of racy and politically-charged films every Saturday — starting August 26 and ending in November 4. 

The lineup isn’t bad either: China’s racy Stolen Life, which details the life of a young girl who is tricked into a heartless baby trafficking machine, South Korea’s The President’s Last Bang, which dramatizes the real life assassination of head of state Park Chung Hee, Iran’s Beautiful City, which offers an examination of Iran’s ancient capital punishment laws with a tender look at retribution, compassion and love and seven other audacious and award-winning films. Forget going out to the movies or netflixing something everyone else has already seen, how about staying in and trying something new? There’s a whole world of cinema you’ve been missing out on and it’s time for you to catch up. 

The following films will receive their U.S. television premiere on Link TV as part of CINEMONDO: 

·    Stolen Life (China) directed by Li Shaohong

·    Beautiful City (Iran) directed by Asghar Farhadi

·    Wrong Side Up (Czech Republic) directed by Petr Zelenka

·    The President’s Last Bang (South Korea) directed by Im Sang-soo

·    Rana’s Wedding (Palestine) directed by Hany Abu-Assad

·    Fuse (Bosnia) directed by Pjer Zalica

·    Almost Brothers (Brazil) directed by Lucia Murat

·    May 6th (Holland) directed by Theo van Gogh

·    Border Café (Iran) directed by Kambuzia Partovi

·    Waiting for Happiness (Mauritania) written and directed by Abderrahmane Sissako

·    Hostage (Greece) directed by Constantine Giannaris

To check out Link’s schedule for show times and find out where to tune in, click here . Don’t forget to pass the word on to your friends!

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